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Northern Cyprus’s climate makes it one of the healthiest places in the world to live, offering long hot summers and short mild winters. North Cyprus offers 330 days of sunshine annually and the sea temperature in Northern Cyprus rarely drops below 63 degrees F.

Local time in North Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The clocks change on the same day as in the UK.

Turkish is the official language of Northern Cyprus, whilst English is widely spoken and is considered the country’s second language.

The New Turkish Lira (YTL), is an adjusted version of the Turkish Lira in circulation since 1974 and is the legal tender of Northern Cyprus. The local exchange rate follows changes in the international market. Most foreign currencies are accepted in the TRNC.

Crime is relatively low in North Cyprus compared with the rest of Europe, however precautions should always be taken.

The Island offers long, hot summers and relatively cool, short winters. There are over 330 days of sunshine a year, the sea temperature is rarely below 16°C and rises to 28-30°C during summer months, making Northern Cyprus one of the healthiest places in the world in which to live.

Many of the popular imported brand names are readily available and can be found in local supermarkets. Fresh local produce can be purchased from a wide variety of markets and small stores and there is wide range of wines and spirits at very low costs

Foreign investment is actively encouraged by the government of Northern Cyprus. Exemptions on import duties, income tax and corporation tax, in some cases for up to ten years are available. Tourism in all forms is actively rewarded by the government and in many cases grants have been made available to assist in set-up costs.

Education standards in the TRNC are of a very high standard with four universities based in Northern Cyprus. The majority of schools offer bilingual education starting with nursery through to secondary school and finally university.

The cost of medical treatment in the local hospitals is lower than comparative care in the UK. Accident and emergency facilities are available at local hospitals. Private healthcare is also available through a number of international medical insurance companies if required. Dental treatment is of a high standard and charges are moderate.


The Anglican Church of St. Andrew's, Kyrenia is conveniently located near the town centre and services are held on Sundays and Thursdays. All Christian communities are welcome. The Roman Catholic Church is also based in the centre of Kyrenia with mass being celebrated on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. Other Christian churches are located in Famagusta and Nicosia.

Other Useful Information

The supply is 220/240v AC 50HZ, with a standard UK 3-pin plug.

By mains supply and in some cases supplemented by wells.

International telecommunication facilities are a rapidly growing sector of the economy. Telex, fax, telegram transmission and ISDN/e-mail facilities are also available. To dial from TRNC to UK dial 00 44 and omit the first 0 of the UK code. To dial from UK to TRNC dial 00 90 392 then the area code, followed by the number required.

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