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North cyprus Construction
Chelis Properties - North Cyprus Rentals

Select a property and agree a price.

Contract to be drawn up by a solicitor based in Northern Cyprus, to include price, timescale, payment terms and specification.

Both vendor and purchaser sign to confirm sale.

Purchaser provides payment.  In most cases a 15% K.D.V. (V.A.T.) will be levied on the property.

Solicitor applies to Council of Ministers on your behalf for purchase permit (this is your permission to buy in Northern Cyprus)

Once purchase permit has been received, the vendor transfers title into purchasers name.

Purchaser pays 6% stamp duty and 1% of the stamp duty charge is paid to the local Authority/Belediye. (You may use the right to be exempt from 3% of the duty on one purchase)

Sale complete.

North Cyprus Land Information

Land in North Cyprus is measured in Donums, 1 Donum consists of 4 Evleks.

1 Donum = 1388 m2 or 14400 ft2

1 Evlek is 3600 ft2

3 Donums = 1 acre

Land must be paid for in full upon purchase. You can purchase up to a maximum of 1 Donum of land, although there is no limit to the amount of land purchased if you for a company.

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